A Platform Purpose-Built for Security Operations

The TopoONE critical event management platform empowers security teams across all industries to immediately respond to risks and critical events.
Operating Picture

Easily Build the Common Operating Picture You Need

TopoONE places no restrictions on the data sources you choose for your security operation.

Visualize your organization. Plot the location and details of all the people and assets that comprise your duty of care.
Choose the signals you want to monitor. Get the situational awareness you need by ingesting threat intelligence from any source.
Integrate your physical security systems. Connect your physical security sensors and cameras.
Add weather and other shared data sources. Plot weather alerts and imagery, traffic cameras, tropical cyclones, wildfires, earthquakes, power outages, and more.

Workflow and Automation

Replace Manual Tasks

Replace slow, manual and repetitive activities with machine-speed decision-making and remediation.

Filter out the noise. Use intelligent filtering operations to reduce the number of signals analysts must process.
Ensure your processes are followed. Set up workflow sequences, data entry requirements and assign tasks that enforce your SOPs.
Automate escalation and notification. Create rules that scan for conditions that require priority attention.
Communications Center

Communicate Rapidly with Impacted Parties

Seamless access to preferred communications channels to facilitate quick and appropriate action.

Connect your communications. Integrate all your communication channels, including email, Slack, Microsoft Teams and mass communications vendors, for easy access.
Instantly deliver updates and reports. Instantly populate the reports you need to deliver in real-time during an event – no more copying and pasting data or creating emails from scratch.
Create Custom Templates. Build your own communication templates by dragging and dropping elements such as header images, section breaks, static text, data fields, and attachments.

Escalate Emerging Threats

Enforce your SOPs and coordinate communications as incident events unfold.

Configure and track incidents by type. Configure your own incident types and also the fields and forms you need for each incident type.
Automatically create tasks by incident type. Define your standard operating procedures for all your incident types and have the system create tasks for you.
Capture all activity on the incident. All your activity is tracked on the incident timeline including updates, documents, photos, videos, interviews and links.

Build the Dashboards and Reports You Need

Visualize the critical metrics needed to drive decisions for your security team

Build customized dashboards. Create as many customized dashboards as you need to manage activity and report status. Drag and drop widgets onto the dashboard canvas to create your ideal data visualization.
Configure charts, tables, and metrics. Pick from predefined charts or easily configure your own charts, tabular views and metrics.
Share Dashboards and Reports. Share your dashboards and reports with upper level management via links or emails.