Crisis24, a GardaWorld company, has acquired to enhance global risk intelligence capabilities.
TopoONE by Crisis24

The ONE Platform for Security Operations and Insights

TopoONE is a cloud-based critical event management platform used by security and supply chain teams to manage risk to their fixed and mobile physical assets. Customers use TopoONE to mitigate risk by achieving 360-degree visibility of their duty of care, compressing response times, and enhancing team productivity. Using powerful visualization, workflow, communication, automation, and analytics, TopoONE has defined the future of security operations.

Why Organizations Choose TopoONE

Create the Ideal Picture of Your Threat Landscape

TopoONE places no restrictions on the data sources you choose for your security operation. Easily plot threat intelligence, weather and physical security devices along with your people and assets to create the one common operating picture that’s right for you and your team.

Maximize the Value of Your Team

Staffing shortages and budget constraints have made it more important than ever to ensure your team is focused on the highest value activities. Replace slow, manual and repetitive tasks with machine-speed decision making and remediation. TopoONE manages and automates the tasks associated with responding to security alerts and incidents so your team can focus on higher value work. Reduce alert fatigue, increase job satisfaction and get the most from your team.

Protect Your Organization with Accelerated Response Times

When an event threatens your organization, it is critically important to act swiftly to evaluate the situation and respond appropriately. TopoONE notifies you and your team of priority alerts and puts all the tools you need to take action at your fingertips. Pre-formatted communications are a click away so you can instantly notify impacted personnel and keep leadership informed. Seamlessly escalate critical events with the integrated incident and case management module for coordinated response and workflow from initial alert to investigation and remediation.

Demonstrate ROI for your GSOC Investments

Recent studies show that many SecOps teams don’t measure ROI, yet those that do get strong support from executive leadership. Get visibility into the performance, capacity and value of your organization's SecOps investment. TopoONE provides insight into your GSOC’s productivity and threat landscape with extensive visualization capabilities such as easily customized and shared dashboards, reports, and maps.

Your Partner In Success
Onboarding and Implementation: From the beginning, we seek to understand your scope of responsibilty and to set up your data sources, automation, workflow, communications and dashboards to maximize the efficiency of your team.
Customer Success: We meet with you regularly to keep your program healthy – identifying improvements, tuning the flow of data and implementing new features.
Product Management: Our product and user experience teams stay closely aligned with custumers to identify and deliver new features and to optimize the usability of the platform.
Expertise: As members of the security industry we publish thought leadership resources and share best practices to ensure that your team delivers maximum value to your organization.
I trust Trust is a huge factor and I felt, from the start, that they would do what they said they would do – and they have delivered above expectations. The ability of to create operational efficiencies for McKesson Security Operations has been huge.
Ed Shubert
Senior Director, Global Security Operations Center, Investigations and Crisis Management Program

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