TopoONE: Your Protection Against Supply Chain Disruptions

Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain teams around the globe are under constant pressure to ensure all shipments are moving through their supply chains at expected rates, distribution centers are processing and expediting shipments per the plan, and all modes of transportation for moving inventory are running smoothly and as expected. Disruptions to supply chain routes caused by critical events such as weather, traffic jams, civil unrest or physical threats lead to delayed delivery times, higher transportation costs and even permanent loss of customers and products. The lack of visibility into these disruptions often hampers a timely response to emerging crises as supply chain routes are impacted. This lack of visibility deprives supply chain teams of the time needed to properly respond to, mitigate, or avoid, operational impacts and deteriorating customer satisfaction.

To date there has not been a system that consolidates all asset locations alongside all the emerging critical event risks that could impact the supply chain. Supply chain and transportation teams typically must jump from tool to tool trying to locate tracking information using a freight provider’s website, and then access weather information via another service, for example. Oftentimes, this research is performed after the customer’s delivery date has been missed. This lack of consolidated insight into the impact of critical events prevents supply chain and transportation teams from doing their jobs effectively.

Enter TopoONE. TopoONE’s critical event management platform is changing the way we mitigate and prevent supply chain disruptions. The platform aggregates all supply chain asset data alongside emerging risks from disparate systems, enabling immediate situational awareness. Assessment and triage are performed rapidly and effectively in one system. Using TopoONE, a supply chain team member can easily understand where an emerging critical event is occurring and see the correlation of its location with the location of inventory, active supply chain routes, and distribution centers. Historically, transportation teams have had to use multiple tools – each with separate user interfaces – but now they can use TopoONE to easily and rapidly identify all emerging critical events and impacted assets.

TopoONE is based on a contemporary, open, cloud-based architecture. This is starkly different from legacy supply chain visualization tools designed and built with closed architectures using a historical on-premise orientation. TopoONE has an extensible architecture that allows new data sources to be ingested as new risk types emerge. In a rapidly changing world where unknown risks impact organizations, being able to rapidly and easily add new risk data sources is paramount. Adding new threat intelligence sources, switching to new shipping providers or adding new manufacturing locations should be easily done without fees for customization and without the need to ask the software vendor for paid support. makes it easy for users to add new assets and risk intelligence sources to the platform. The unique TopoONE Workbench is a powerful set of self-service tools that empowers supply chain teams to edit maps, add assets, add new threat intelligence and other data sources, and more. We eliminate endless professional service fees and GIS administrator costs inherent in other platforms. Our TopoONE platform is the ideal next-generation platform to support supply chain teams as they strive to mitigate risk.

TopoONE optimizes your supply chain visualization to lower cost and increase efficiencies. Legacy supply chain tools only allow users to be reactive versus proactively giving users the highest level of intel needed to make decisions efficiently and cost effectively. No supply chain group wants to find out after-the-fact that a flight was delayed with several pallets of material, or that due to a pop-up storm, a crucial medical device won’t make it on-time for a surgical procedure.

In a recent case study, a major medical device company was struggling with multiple transportation tracking tools, multiple log-ins, separate shifts tracking issues, limited visibility into their 1,000’s of packages shipped weekly via road and air, and only able to be reactive to calls due to late shipments. spun up an instance of the TopoONE platform for the operations team, immediately providing a complete view of their current shipments, tracking information and potentially disruptive events. They quickly consolidated 56% of their intel tools within TopoONE, provided a single view of 100+ shipping accounts with 1,000’s of packages, and immediately identified impacts to customer satisfaction by proactively identifying delayed shipments.

Managing complex supply chains with multiple variables is inherently difficult and becoming more challenging as disruptive events are now more commonplace. TopoONE is the comprehensive platform used by supply chain teams to visualize shipments and potential threats to avoid disruptions and ensure on-time deliveries.