TopoONE Platform Now Offers Intelligence from LifeRaft Navigator

Alongside our colleagues at LifeRaft, we are pleased to the integration of social media, deep web, and darknet intelligence feeds from the LifeRaft Navigator platform into the TopoONE platform

The LifeRaft Navigator integration is simple to activate and use within the TopoONE platform. Threat intelligence from Navigator is displayed along with any other subscription or open-source intelligence feeds. Mutual customers select which Navigator intelligence feeds are displayed, when they are displayed, and for whom. Not only does this partnership provide a powerful joint solution, but it does so without the complexities and costs often seen with integrations and intelligence sharing within the industry.

“This partnership is exciting from a user standpoint as it brings together two companies that feature best-in-class security solutions, customer service, and team-driven culture,” said Robert Gummer, NFL Director of Intelligence Operations. “As a security professional, this is a win for everyone fortunate enough to have them as partners.”

This integration represents more than just a combination of compatible technologies from LifeRaft and It embodies our shared philosophy of joint customer success and collaboration between security technology partners.

“I’ve always admired the security industry for the trust and collaboration security professionals have when it really matters. This partnership is a true representation of that kind of collaboration,” said Mary Jane Leslie, Chief Growth Officer at LifeRaft. “This is more than an integration of platforms, this is listening to our customers and aligning offerings to bring more value to the industry and better security programs to the market.”

LifeRaft Navigator joins the growing list of intelligence options available in the TopoONE platform. We believe that security teams should have ability to choose the intelligence feeds and other risk data that best suit their organizational needs and security programs.

Learn more about LifeRaft Navigator.