and Praedictix Partner to Provide Extreme Weather Alerts for Corporate Security Teams

Integration in TopoONE also enables access to specialty services and live meteorologist consults, which provides the security industry's most flexible and modern software platforms for critical event management, and Praedictix, a leading provider of personalized weather consulting services and alerts, have integrated detailed weather briefings from Praedictix into the TopoONE critical event management system. The geolocated briefings include animated weather forecast maps, radar and satellite imagery, weather warnings and advisories, and more.

The most accurate and impactful weather forecasts are a combination of man and machine. Weather models are improving, but meteorologists do what computers cannot, providing essential analysis, perspective and context; finding the signal amidst the noise. What worked ten years ago doesn’t work in the 2020s. As extreme weather patterns trend increasingly severe, companies rely on Praedictix to optimize business models, save money, mitigate risk and keep staff and customers as safe as possible.

Praedictix leverages cutting edge weather technology and a team of veteran meteorologists to support a wide variety of use cases, including:

  • Extreme weather briefings
  • Advanced Storytelling
  • Weather Optimization
  • Event Weather
  • Live Meteorologist Consults
  • Forensic Meteorology

“Extreme weather briefings from Praedictix, integrated into the TopoONE platform, greatly refine and accelerate risk assessments and decision-making for corporate security teams,” said Steve McGraw, CEO of “Additionally, their complementary weather services are highly customizable to address the unique needs of each organization. The themes of flexibility and broad adaptability run strong in both Praedictix and making us highly complementary partners committed to exceeding the expectations of each mutual customer.”

“In addition to being a meteorologist, I’m something of a mapping/GIS freak,” said Paul Douglas, Praedictix Founder and Senior Meteorologist. “I love great maps, and I’ve been blown away by what has brought to the industry: clean, intuitive and powerful mapping that tells a story. For me great weather content and great mapping is a 1+1=3 proposition. Whether it is storytelling, situational awareness, staying ahead of the weather or communicating risk, the combination of Praedictix weather and mapping takes security and risk management to the next level, no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.”

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