and Genea Partner to Expand Internal Threat Awareness for Corporate Security Teams

TopoONE common operating picture now includes alerts from the Genea access control system, which provides the security industry’s most flexible and modern software platforms for critical event management, and Genea, the global leader in cloud-based solutions that simplify access control, have integrated alerts from Genea’s access control system into the TopoONE platform. In concert with third-party risk feeds, OSINT, and corporate asset data, security teams now have expanded, immediate visibility into internal threat alerts such as door-forced-open alarms.

This new integration with Genea is enabled by the TopoONE IoT Agent which streamlines and standardizes access to alerts and other information from a wide variety of systems and devices including alarms, cameras, badge and visitor management systems, temperature sensors, GPS-based asset tracking systems and many more. With access to virtually any physical security systems and devices, combined with a constantly expanding selection of external intelligence feeds, customers have a true 360-degree view of all hazards in the TopoONE common operating picture. This myriad of intel and alerts is easily managed by security teams as they create and customize maps in support of specific scenarios and filter out noise to rapidly focus on true threats.

“This is a truly unique integration,” said Michael Wong, CEO of Genea. “By leveraging our cloud-based systems, we are uniting critical event data with physical security. Ultimately, what this means is enterprise IT and security teams can assess and make data-driven decisions quickly and more accurately than ever before.”

“We are proud to partner with Genea to help our mutual customers address their hyper-local security and access control requirements,” said Steve McGraw, CEO of “Widely recognized for their high quality and highly flexible platforms, as well as their customer-centric focus, we are well matched as partners and aligned toward a common goal of helping security teams fulfill their mandates more efficiently and effectively.”

About Genea

Genea is the global leader in cloud-based property technology solutions that simplify access control security for property managers, tenants, employees and visitors. Our SaaS platform and non-proprietary hardware unifies the security experience among access control, mobile credentialing, video & visitor management and elevator controls. Software partners, integrators and end-users alike use our APIs, SDKs, and no-cost native integrations to customize their solutions. By offering unparalleled 24/7/365 customer support, our dedication to service is the reason we can proudly say we have a 98% customer retention rate. Genea is used in more than 1,800 buildings across 25 countries and has earned the trust and loyalty of top enterprises and commercial real estate companies and we continue proving our value every day.

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