TAM-C Solutions and Topo.ai Partner to Deliver Actionable Intelligence from TAM-C Solutions on the TopoONE™ Platform

TAM-C, the leading provider of actionable intelligence to the corporate security market, and Topo.ai, provider of the security industry’s most flexible critical event management platform, today announced an innovative partnership to support the corporate security community. This partnership integrates TAM-C’s actionable location-based intelligence emanating from TAM-C’s 24/7/365 monitoring center into the TopoONE™ platform where it is displayed alongside fixed and mobile asset data so that joint customers can quickly evaluate threats. Additionally, joint customers can process the intelligence using custom workflows and escalate using a range of TopoONE tools such as automated situation reports and integrated communications such as Salesforce Slack, Microsoft Teams, email and more. The partnership sets a new standard for cooperation between security technology vendors.

Aaron Richman, CEO of TAM-C said, “Within our centralized collection and analysis system, we identify threats to our customers real-time and vet these threats with our battle-tested team of TAM-C operatives, analysts, and researchers. We are delighted to deliver our threat intelligence to customers through the TopoONE platform as we strive to support our clients to the fullest.”

Phil Harris, CEO of Topo.ai, said, “TopoONE supports corporate security customers with a critical event management platform with powerful visualization, workflow, communication, automation, and analytics capabilities. We are delighted to showcase the integration of TAM-C threat intelligence in our system as customers face an increasing number of critical events impacting their assets and operations.”

About TAM-C
TAM-C Solutions is Philadelphia-based intelligence and security company with offices in Jerusalem, Dubai and Winchester, VA. TAM-C provides critical planning and analyses of ongoing vulnerabilities and emerging threats to meet specific requirements, guidelines, and international standards within the framework of the particular regions that our clients’ assets are located. Its diverse teams of subject matter experts (SMEs) provide operational solutions to its clients all over the globe, with a focus on emergency management, crisis planning, and risk management for personnel and assets.

About Topo.ai
Topo.ai is an Atlanta, Georgia based company that offers a cloud-based critical event management platform, TopoONE™, used by security and supply chain teams to manage risk to their fixed and mobile physical assets. Customers use TopoONE to mitigate risk with 360-degree visibility of their duty of care, compressed response times, and enhanced team productivity. Using powerful visualization, workflow, communications, automation, and analytics, TopoONE has defined the future of security operations.