and OpenEye Partner to Deliver Complete OWS Cloud-Managed Video Surveillance on the TopoONE™ Platform

OpenEye, the leading provider of cloud-managed solutions for video security, business intelligence, and loss prevention, along with, provider of the security industry’s most flexible common operating picture, today announced an integration of OpenEye Web Services (OWS) with the TopoONE platform.  The integration will support the physical security community by allowing customers to visually evaluate threats using OpenEye’s surveillance video feeds, as well as receive real time notifications generated by OWS’s powerful alerting engine. Additionally, joint customers can analyze the OpenEye video feeds to understand real-time impact to a range of assets within TopoONE. Once impact is understood, TopoONE can escalate the surveillance feeds as situation reports through email and other third party integrated communication platforms.  The partnership continues to highlight the benefits of cooperation between security technology vendors across different platforms.

Ian Siemer, VP of Product and Marketing at OpenEye said, “OpenEye is excited to share the power of the OWS cloud-managed video platform with users, allowing them to receive our actionable alerts and giving them access to live video from OpenEye recorders, enabling them to display that video within the TopoONE application for live monitoring or video verification of events.”

Mike Gilbert, VP of Technology at said, “Partnering with OpenEye provides our customers seamless access to the OpenEye OWS platform. The ability to quickly identify and geolocate critical alarms and view them in real time via their live camera feeds is extremely important to our customers. This integration enables our partners to respond to events in minutes, making their organization and their customers safer.”

About OpenEye
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