Download Security Operations Benchmark Study

Participants provided insights into their priorities, objectives, and challenges, in addition to success factors, ROI measures and technologies. The report examines the study's key findings and identifies best-in-class organizational attributes that are most highly correlated with SecOps success.

Sample of Findings

  • One quarter of study participants indicate that SecOps is a critical priority for their executives. In contrast, nearly one third of executives treat SecOps as either a low priority – important only during a crisis, or a medium priority – exists primarily to satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Executive priority exhibits a strong correlation with success in SecOps. A lack of executive priority exhibits a strong correlation with limited success.
  • In half of the organizations studied, SecOps is managed as a cost center. They do not measure Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Organizations that do measure ROI indicate above average success in SecOps. Organizations that do not measure ROI indicate below average success.