Assessing Hyperlocal COVID-19 Risk

Businesses across the world are constantly assessing COVID-19 risk to make important decisions about operations and employee safety. is visualizing COVID-19 infection data provided by the World Health Organization, CDC, state health departments and other organizations within TopoONE software. With an interactive COVID-19 map, our customers are better equipped to assess COVID-19 risk to their personnel and enterprises. They are able to provide daily updates to business leaders and make informed decisions.

While many companies have suspended non-essential travel, transportation of goods or personnel is often an essential business function. Some deliveries simply cannot wait for example, medical supplies. In other industries, customers rely upon visits from technicians for installation or service.

For many companies, whether an office/facility should be closed or whether an employee can visit a specific area depends on the COVID-19 risk in that region. State-level data, while helpful, is insufficient to thoroughly assess this risk. We rely on our deep expertise in geospatial risk mapping and the flexibility of TopoONE software to provide COVID-19 maps tailored to customer needs.

County and zip code data provides crucial context for decisions such as:

  • Whether to close specific offices or retail locations
  • Whether employees should avoid certain regions for installation/service
  • Whether additional travel restrictions should be imposed
  • Assessing COVID-19 risk at a hyperlocal level

We track COVID-19 and other pandemic data alongside your personnel, offices and assets.

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